About relationship counselling

About relationships:

One of life’s truths is that what we focus on for us becomes more real.  If I focus on what is wrong with my partner then that is what I see, more of my partner’s problems. 

A relationship is a living entity. It is constantly changing and challenging us to improve and grow. Problems come about when we expect it to stay the same. If everything in life changes then how can our relationship stay the same? 

To respond to this change we need to learn to re-focus on ourselves and each other. Being in a relationship is about working together to get more out of our lives, to develop a deeper sense of connectedness and purpose. Given the challenges we all face today is it any wonder that we don’t always say what we mean to say, or hear what was meant to be heard?

What makes a good relationship counsellor:

An effective relationship counsellor is able to see what isn’t working in a relationship and bring this to the attention of the couple. Relationship counselling is also about creating a feeling of safety for both parties to say what is in their hearts so that each partner is able to listen and support the other. This is what we can provide for you.

How we work with you:

As well as a long history of working as therapists (find out more about us here), between the two of us we are also trained in the following skills for couples counselling:

  • Gottman – 7 Skills for a Successful Relationship 

  • Emotionally Focussed Therapy for Couples

  • Communication skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Assertiveness Skills

  • Mediation Skills

  • Personality Types (DiSC) to increase self awareness and tolerance and acceptance of others

  • Positive Relationship Skills

  • Character strengths – assessment and use in relationships

  • Values clarification

We use these skills in the sessions with you in a supportive and gentle way. We weave these skills into how you interact with each other in the session so you can communicate differently with each other. The sessions become a safe place where you connect more, talk differently and literally form new relationship habits right there on the spot - to strengthen your love and care for each other and for yourselves.

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