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Eileen Moore:

I am a psychologist in private practice.  My qualifications include a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Degree in Health Education and a Major in Interpersonal Skills and Conflict Resoltion. My absolute area of passion is helping individuals to learn new interpersonal communication skills to improve their relationships. I believe that we are all doing the best we can but that sometimes we just don’t know how to fix issues with ourselves or with the person that we love. I believe that with a bit of practice and support people can learn how resolve their relationship problems and increase their love for each other.

I am a humanistic psychologist which means I believe in empowering people to feel better about themselves by connecting more with their strengths.  I believe all human beings struggle at times because life can be difficult. 

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Michael A. Moore.

I have a Bachelor of Counselling from UNE, and I have been working as a relationship counsellor for 15 years. I have also worked with trauma, addictions and as a generalist counsellor. Prior to this I worked in a variety of jobs from driver to carpenter. I draw on my experience having worked with a wide variety of people to enhance my effectiveness as a counsellor. My previous work experience helps me to relate more effectively with a broader range of people. I have also worked as an educator and group presenter in counselling and communication.

I am blessed that my work is also my passion. My relationship is the result of the work that my wife and I put into our relationship on a daily basis. This is what we bring to our relationship workshops. We bring the daily experience of living in love into a group setting which will, providing you open yourselves to it, enhance your relationship and bring greater satisfaction and enjoyment into your life. This work is all about love. Experiencing deeper love in your relationship.

I have been a therapist for 15 years.  I love to work with people to help them better understand themselves.  I have been in a relationship for 28 years and believe that positive relationships is a key aspect to a happy life.  I am an intuitive counsellor and work from a strength based approach helping individuals to find ways to draw on their own abilities to work towards resolution.  

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