Man Watching

Do you remember back in the early days when you were newly in love with your partner and you were so taken up with them that you sat there watching them for minutes at a time – watching their every movement, their every gesture?   I sat on the couch tonight and I watched Michel in the kitchen making tea.  I watched his face as his head was bending down focussed on putting the tea in the cup.  I watched his hair, his eyes, his facial expressions, his every move and I became more intrigued and more in love.  By watching him I could see his beauty more, following his every motion in exquisite detail.  When he is unaware that I am watching his beauty really shines.  It is then that I really see him unaffected and involved in his own story.  I look at his eyes and I see the man I fell in love with 25 years ago.  By watching him for minutes I can really see and take in the curve of his nose; the shape of his cheek bones; the look in his eyes; the waves of his hair.  I see him – really see him.

How often do we take the time to really look at our partners after we have been them for a while?  How much time are we talking about?  Maybe 3 minutes every week or so?  It is one more way to reconnect with your partner. To STOP long enough to SEE him. To stop long enough to delight in him.

jess watters