Is being KIND more important than being RIGHT in a relationship?

The power of goals! I have made it a goal for the last 2 weeks to make ‘being caring and kind’ my top priority in my relationship. The effect of this decision has quite astounded me. Michael notices a marked difference – as do I. Our relationship is and has been wonderful. But now it is more tender and more gentle. Kindness is spreading more in my heart and flowing out to him. The love is deepening yet more.

Our goals are very powerful rudders by which we live. I knew my goals before included being kind but it is likely that I put goals such as ‘communicating my rights in the relationship’ more important than kindness.

So the Priority of your goals can have a major impact on how you behave towards each other.

Rights are very important – no doubt about it.  But caring, kindness, compassion, tenderness – now they are values to live by. x