It was a hot night last night.  We had the fan on.  I tossed and turned a bit and lay awake for a while.  In the early hours of the morning the room finally started to cool.  I stretched out more luxuriously under the sheet and light quilt.  I turned my body towards the window and Michael snuggled in to me.  He put his arm around my waist as his legs nestled in to mine.  I started to hear his breathing become slow and rhythmic.  I felt warm and relaxed with this man who loves and cares for me.

Now it is 9:00pm at night.  I’ve been at singing practice with Sultrio.  It’s been a busy few days.  I am emotionally spent.  I don’t feel like talking much.

I look over at Michael who is also tired.  He is sprawled out in the couch, one leg extended out onto the coffee table and the other in an upright bent position on the couch.  His left arm is occasionally outstretched and I can see his hand up close and personal.  I love his hands.  They are strong and angular looking.  I look over at him as I type this and he says gently “hello” as he looks into my eyes.  His right bent leg is next to the dog who has taken up his nightly position next to Michael and is currently panting because there is thunder in the sky.  The movie “Man on Fire” is playing on the T.V.

Writing this blog makes me more aware of the sense of safety, contentment and joy I feel with Michael.  The movie is playing the song “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt.  I am in reminiscing heaven.  I can feel the excitement of younger days and the contentment of the present moment as they mingle deliciously in my heart and in my mind.

jess watters