Life Coaching

A Life Coach is a Professional who will help you to gain clarity, set goals and make changes so that you create the life you want.

Life Coaching is about investing time and energy in YOU. It’s about caring for, and nurturing yourself and your lifestyle. It’s about shaping your life to embrace more of your dreams and goals.

As your own Personal Coach I work with you to get motivated, become clear and focussed, set goals and gain any necessary skills in order to make the changes you want. Each week we review your progress and look at what needs to be done next.  It’s a great time for forward movement.

Ideally, we look at three major areas and focus on achieving goals in these.

Some of the areas we can work on are:

§    Career
§    Relationships
§    Health (Diet and Exercise)
§    Image (Presentation, Wardrobe)
§    Time and Stress Management

Who Hires a Coach and Why?
People who want the best out of life

What Happens when you hire a Coach?
You take yourself more seriously
You take more effective and focused actions immediately
You stop putting off the changes you’d like to make
You create momentum so that it’s easier to get results
You set better goals that are more exact and what YOU want
You start creating the Life you’ve really desired but never got around to accomplishing

How long are the sessions, how many sessions are there and how much will it cost?
The sessions are usually one hour per week.  Your hour can be taken up entirely face-to-face or you can have it made up of some face to face, some phone calls and even emails.  It is entirely flexible and tailored made to your needs.

The recommended number of sessions would be between 1 a fortnight for 3-6 months.  This way you focus your energies with a burst of new changes and you also have enough time to put these changes into action and create new habits.
My fee is $120.00 per hour. A monthly total amount can be agreed upon which can be tailored to your needs.  You can also pay my fees weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Where will the Life Coaching take place?
This will be tailored for each client.  When we meet face to face we can meet at my office in Coffs.  Face to face meetings will need to be a minimum of an hour.  Other consultations can be made up of phone and email contact.  The arrangements will focus on your needs and are entirely flexible.

What’s the first step?
Give me a call for a completely obligation free chat on 0413 199 218

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