Arguing Part 2.

By Eileen Moore | 21st January 2015

“You can’t handle the truth”. I’m telling him/her what it is they do and all I get is anger, denial or resistance. What’s the point? Why bother? You won’t listen, you won’t hear me! Absolutely right! How can one listen to the truth (or at least my version of the truth) when I am wielding it like a spear…..driving my …

Positive Conflict

By Michael Moore | 14th January 2015

I am not going to argue about it! What is the point of going over and over the same things? I just want to be happy with you. We need to forget about it! Why do you keep bringing it up? Do you want to make me unhappy? sound familiar? Perhaps you have uttered one or more of them yourself? …


By Eileen Moore | 28th September 2013

I hear his whistling drifting down the hallway into the study where I am sitting.  The soft sound floats in and gently dissolves into my body – swirling around my heart.  I start to feel light, soft and warm.  As I float off I am abruptly brought back to earth with a thud and a crash.  It sounds like he …

Hard Times

By Eileen Moore | 19th January 2013

Love constantly surprises me. You can go through a difficult phase in your relationship and then fall in love all over again. Not that we want difficult times but they are part of life.  Nice to know that committment and growing through something together brings new levels of love and knowing of each other.

Man Watching

By Eileen Moore | 11th December 2011

Do you remember back in the early days when you were newly in love with your partner and you were so taken up with them that you sat there watching them for minutes at a time – watching their every movement, their every gesture?   I sat on the couch tonight and I watched Michel in the kitchen making tea.  I …

Acknowledgement vs. criticism

By Eileen Moore | 19th November 2011

We went to a garage sale this morning that was being held by my sister.  It is so wonderful to have your beloved family live so close.  When we left I thought Michael sounded a bit brusque in his request to go.  Once again – in the name of righteousness and honesty – I let him know about how he …


By Eileen Moore | 18th November 2011

Today has been a shitty day.  Nothing awful has happened at all.  I have felt grumpy all day for no particularly pressing reason.   It is just one of those days that goes by quickly where nothing works out like it should.  Just little disappointments one after the other.   This is our day off (yes – we are lucky – 3 …


By Eileen Moore | 16th November 2011

It was a hot night last night.  We had the fan on.  I tossed and turned a bit and lay awake for a while.  In the early hours of the morning the room finally started to cool.  I stretched out more luxuriously under the sheet and light quilt.  I turned my body towards the window and Michael snuggled in to …

Small things can matter

By Eileen Moore | 15th November 2011

I rang Michael up at lunchtime to see if we could have lunch together.  We normally can’t meet for lunch because we have different times we have our breaks and this can’t be changed for a variety of reasons.  I realised we could meet just as I was leaving my office and I was excited at the unexpected opportunity to …

Moroccan Meat Balls

By Eileen Moore | 14th November 2011

Picture this – I arrive home from work at around 6:00pm.  Michael is in the kitchen wearing a pair of shorts and sporting a bare chest and his new tattoo orchid that he got in Bali in August this year.  The sounds of Buddha Bar V music is filling the room.  I don’t know if I am home or in …