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Discipline and love

By Eileen Moore | 3rd November 2011

For the past few decades, as a society, we have been acknowledging the effects of stress and challenge on an individual’s behaviour.  We have also been acknowledging our rights to express our frustrations and feelings.  Both of these changes have been healthy and beneficial.  The trouble is that we have lost the art and ability to control our emotions.  We …

The lost art of kissing

By Eileen Moore | 15th September 2011

How often do you kiss your partner (as in a ‘pash’ and not a cheek kiss) throughout the day? It does wonders for your feelings towards each other and it is a very under rated form of physical intimacy. Vacuum the lounge…..kiss…..answer an email…..kiss…….pass in the corridor……kiss. These pashing punctuations really add a zest to your daily story!!! Cate Ceberano …

Is being KIND more important than being RIGHT in a relationship?

By Eileen Moore | 11th May 2011

The power of goals! I have made it a goal for the last 2 weeks to make ‘being caring and kind’ my top priority in my relationship. The effect of this decision has quite astounded me. Michael notices a marked difference – as do I. Our relationship is and has been wonderful. But now it is more tender and more …